Drunk Elephant Sound System mixes back for downloading

So…about time there was some new stuff going on here. Prompted by Babylon Soundcloud’s backside policy that uploading a DJ mix is a copyright infringement of the artists whose music you are using your skill as a mixer to promote for free, I’ve decided that the place to post my mixes is surprisingly on my own website. So you can listen here, as well as Mixcloud.

If you’re one of those listeners who would rather have them downloaded as 320kbps mp3 mixes that you can listen to in your own yard or on your own music device, this is the place to be.

These mixes are from the Show of 26 OCT 2013, featuring what I’ve called “Blunt Techno” – including music from Aux88, Dopplereffekt, Mosca, Shed, Jimmy Edgar, Jon Convex and much more. There’s even an OoGuN work in progress there somewhere. If you like them, feel free to share them or tweet the links (please if you do mention @OoGuN):


Part 1 (143 MB): Thud-ish

Part 2 (170 MB): THUD

To try before you “buy”, here is an embed of the mixes from Mixcloud

Drunk Elephant Sound 26 Oct Part 1_Blunt Techno by Drunkelephantsound on Mixcloud

Drunk Elephant Sound 26 Oct Part 2_Blunter by Drunkelephantsound on Mixcloud

Drunk Radio, 19 May 2012

Here is the first part of the latest Drunk Elephant Sound System Radio Show. Starting off with some brand new OoGuN tunes and going through from 98bpm to infinity. Part 2 to come soon. Feel free to leave a comment by clicking on the waveform. Enjoy!

So who sat on the CabLe?

me and the drunk elephant decided to move or rather were persuaded to move the website to a different home, and of course one of us got blazed and drunk in the course of preparing to prepare to move the website.

But call me a canker blossom if we didn’t manage to do it.

Except all the old posts have vanished.


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